Preface Social Media is the new force in bringing Social Media to the forefront of customer service. Their vision is that tools like Facebook and Twitter aren’t just there to to interact with friends. They are fully fledged communication channels, that in todays corporate digital world, you’d be crazy not to be a part of. Their business model is to simplify this process and provide a solution for businesses that would otherwise put social media in the ‘too hard basket’.

They approached me to create their new website for the launch of their new business. The brief was to keep it very simple while making it as engaging as possible.

Again I turned to WordPress as the platform from which to build the site on. For the simple reason that the backend is so easy for the owner to use, while being extremely flexible in its ability to design for. As a result of the ‘simple’ brief, i decided to look into the idea of a design language throughout the site, tying all of the pages together. I had stumbled upon a site in my travels that was made from one page, with the navigation panel fixed and the pages auto scrolling upon selection from the menu. I had been waiting for the right client to use this style on and seized the opportunity with Preface. You will see that the “Social Tree” is the common theme throughout the site. Combined with Preface’s subtle green colouring, this project proved to be one of my most satisfying in a while. Especially given it was a super quick 6 week turn around from concept to completion.

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