Mike from Swell Coffee approached me in early 2010 to design a new look website for him. Up until that point the Swell Coffee website was a simple five page static information site and did little to drive his business. It was just a website to have a website. When we started working on the concepts for the new site, Mike and I went through what he wanted to get out of the site as a bare minimum and also what he thoughts were nice-to-haves, but not essential. We performed some research into his direct competitors and found that their websites all had elements that we liked, however none of them had nailed it from a look/feel, content and eCommerce point of view.

Mike also had quite a distinctive brand and identity that he had spent a lot of time and effort building. With the distinctive orange and unique typography in the logo, Swell Coffe is one of the most recognisable and popular coffee roasters in the Illawarra. What sets him apart from the other Coffee shops is the fact that Swell Coffee actually roasts their own coffee beans in-house and distributes to both individuals and wholesalers.

The final solution for the Swell Coffee website can be found here. In the end we went with a full eCommerce solution built on WordPress. This allows Mike to have full control over the content and a complete inventory system built into the CMS. We used Paypal as the payment gateway for ease to both the customer and to owner. There is a heavy use of jQuery throughout the site, giving the user a much more immersive experience in purchasing their coffee. We also ended up integrating a Blog and newsletter subscription service to make communication with clients that much easier.

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